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Abner is the founding father of the Light, which bases its teachings off his newsletters written in the 1970s-80s. He arrived at the ashram (commune) near Touchstone Pass in south-eastern Arizona in the early 80s, after reportedly wandering through the desert for forty days and nights, emerging with the ability to speak only truth.

For reasons unknown, Abner left the ashram in a cloud of mystery around 2000 and was later discovered to be living in the UK. After his departure, his importance to the ashram diminished over time. The Light altered its priorities and began setting up for-profit retreats and stores to increase its outreach to the public.

In January 2015, Abner pays a visit to Xay Morant following Ember's funeral, although Abner remains in the vehicle and they don't speak. Over the next few months, he has two Light devotees in his thrall and acting on his orders - Raya and Gideon (07 Duet).

After the ashram closes, he establishes a new ashram in Douglas, AZ. In July, Caleb visits him there - their first meeting (08 Minor Key). They meet again in January 2016, when Abner exerts influence over Sean Delaney regarding Theo (09 Broken Strings).

Abner appears in 07 Duet, 08 Minor Key, 09 Broken Strings, 10 The Beat Goes On

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