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Aidenis Wynter's younger foster brother while she's living in Enumclaw with Debra and Brian from August 2013. His foster brother is Nathan. His older foster sister is Madeline.

Aiden's mother is in prison. His foster parents want her parental rights terminated so they can adopt him.

Aiden learns from Jesse how to make well engineered paper planes. He helps design a treehouse, demanding a slide, pirate ship wheel, hammock, chalkboard, and rope ladder. He is in silent awe of Indio after mistaking him for Thor, so he asks Jesse to paint their KEEP OUT sign. He owns the Muppets edition of Monopoly.

He dresses up as a zombie for Halloween 2013, when Jesse takes him and Nathan (a werewolf) Trick or Treating.

Just as Wynter is preparing to leave her foster home, Aiden and Nathan break one of her guitars causing her to lash out. Aiden tells her he's about to get his "forever home", and that she'll get hers soon. She weaves them protection cuffs from guitar strings that deflect zombie eye-lasers.

Aiden is finally adopted by Debra and Brian in early March 2014.

Aiden appears in 03 Rhythm and Rhyme.