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Althea is one of the Light's devotees who lived at the ashram in Arizona since she was 18 years old, after running away from home. She was born Amy, and has a sister called Linda who hadn't seen her in 25 years after she ran away.

In 2002 her photo appeared in an article about the Light written by Charlie Bryant, when she was in her mid-30s and had long thick hair and "something wrong" with her eyes.

She was in charge of the warehouse, where orders were made and shipped out. She was abusive toward the children in the classroom, especially Wynter, and left in mid-2012, a few months before Wynter escaped the ashram.

Caleb meets Althea in Ajo, AZ, in April 2014 (04 Lost Melodies). She is wheelchair-bound and unable to speak after a head injury and multiple strokes following an accident at the ashram in mid-2012. He also meets Linda, who explains their mother used to whip them for minor infractions. Caleb notes the sisters look alike, with a solid build, deep-set dark eyes, square jaw and small nose.

Althea appears in 04 Lost Melodies, and in 10 The Beat Goes On in flashbacks.