Beatrice Hayes, known as Bea, is Caleb's girlfriend from April 2012 until August 2013. A single mother living with her parents in Renton WA, she is raising her toddler daughter Jilly, whose father is no longer around. Bea's mother Kathryn is a pediatric nurse and her father Peter is ex-military.

Bea is at first friendly and welcoming toward Wynter, but becomes upset by Caleb's plans to get custody, thus disrupting her plans for a conventional future with him.

Unknown to Bea, Caleb is going to propose to her on their Valentine's date in 2013 when he believes Wynter will be leaving the country.

The couple breaks up shortly after a fight at Jilly's second birthday party.

Bea appears in 01 Little Sister Song, 02 Out of Tune, and 03 Rhythm and Rhyme. She is mentioned in 09 Broken Strings where she's living in Kent with husband Paul, a history teacher. They have a baby due around Christmas 2015, a sister for four-year-old Jilly.

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