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Beck (Beckett) Clifton is a senior and the drummer for Crunch, Wynter's high school heavy metal band. His girlfriend is Diane. He has lank, light brown hair with bangs in his eyes, and "a nice smile when he meant it." He is five demerits short of going on probation at school, and to graduate he needs a 100% attendance rate for the rest of the year. He claims he does dumb things because he's bored.

His sister was two years above Jesse, who recalls she was not a nice person. His brother is Joey Clifton, a tattoo artist with a history of arrests. Beck spent time in foster care in elementary school, after Joey left home. Beck now lives with Joey, their sister, her two young children, and their grandfather.

Beck meets Wynter when she auditions for the band, then called Soggy Breakfast, in April 2014 (04 Lost Melodies). She doesn't think he's very good and suggests he watch Jesse's drumming tutorials. After she quits at their first rehearsal, Beck begs her to reconsider and eventually persuades her after Vince the vocalist quits.

Beck breaks up with Diane on the day of Crunch's concert in June because she is high maintenance. After the concert, Beck and Wynter have sex under the bleachers. She tells him beforehand it's a one-time thing and feels a little guilty afterward because he clearly wants more.

Beck comes to Rule212's second gig in November. He is studying nursing at Seattle Central, a suitable match for his "good, caring hands." He confesses to Indio that while the kids at school thought Wynter was weird, he thought she was interesting and wanted to show her stuff and see inside her brain.

Beck appears in 04 Lost Melodies, 06 Natural Harmonics, and 10 The Beat Goes On.