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The Blue Bunker is a "boutique" rehearsal studio business started by Wynter and Quinn.

They idea comes about after Maggie asks to use the space with her band in September 2015 (09 Broken Strings). She refers to the basement studio and den as the "bunker".

Next month, a friend of Maggie's stays in the basement for a few days to write songs, with Scott helping him record demos. In November, Indio invites Alec Sable and his band Destructex to rehearse for their upcoming tour, and they stay ten days.

With Kim's help, the girls put together a business proposal to convince Caleb to let them rent out the Blue Bunker: "a boutique service for professional musicians who want to get away from the city to write songs and practice, or rehearse for upcoming recording sessions and tours” along with with use of the recording facilities and hospitality services and homecooked meals.

Caleb renovates the basement to accommodate the business. He installs a fire sprinkler system and has two bedrooms built, and moves the pool table into the den. The first official client is a friend of Teagan's, who uses the Blue Bunker in mid-December and sleeps at Patty's Diner in a "B&B arrangement". Feckless uses the Blue Bunker for songwriting in January 2016 for two weeks (10 The Beat Goes On). The business is put on hold after the house fire at the end of January.