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Bonnie is the lead vocalist in a local Seattle band that Indio plays guitar for during late summer 2014. The band covers artists such as Amii Stewart, Tracy Chapman, and Dusty Springfield.

Bonnie is in her mid-to-late-twenties, with feathery black-and-blue hair, a rail-thin frame, heavy eyeliner, multiple chains and studs in her ears, and a tattoo of a dagger on her chest. Indio describes her as "a calculating bitch with a mean streak" who is "always slyly critical of him" but oozes a dirty sexuality. Jesse describes her as "the scariest cute girl I ever met."

Bonnie's band parties harder than Indio would like, with drummer Dickie providing them with drugs. After about a month and a few gigs, Indio quits the band.

Almost a year later, Indio runs into Bonnie at E Sharp. She invites him to hang out with her friends but he declines. When he returns from Rule212's tour he takes up with her, even bringing her home. Wynter hates her and Caleb avoids her and she is frequently high.

Indio brings Bonnie and her friend Faith to his birthday party in September, where she causes havoc.

Bonnie appears in 05 Distortion, 08 Minor Key.