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Broken Strings by Sara Creasy is book 9 of the Wynter Wild series. It was available on Wattpad in 2020.

Main characters: Wynter, Caleb, Indio, Jesse, Xay, Luke

New characters include: Theo, Egor Chekhov, Alec Sable, Noemi Pellerito

Books in the Wynter Wild series:

01 Little Sister Song

02 Out of Tune

03 Rhythm and Rhyme

04 Lost Melodies

05 Distortion

06 Natural Harmonics

07 Duet

08 Minor Key

09 Broken Strings

10 The Beat Goes On

Amazon blurb[]

Wynter and her brothers have a challenging time ahead, and hopefully a rewarding one. Their music careers move to the next level and they'll have tough decisions to make as they work out their priorities.

Wynter has a new bestie (well, it's her first bestie) and her eye on setting up Jesse. Meanwhile, Xay has an opportunity to chase after his dream, and Caleb and Indio each have someone special to take care of.

But nothing good lasts forever. When the strings break, this family needs to find a way to pull together.