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Charity Thorne is a Christian country and rock singer from Texas, "close to thirty years old". She began her singing career at three years old in church, where her father was a preacher.

A stunning woman with bleached waves of hair and heavy-lidded eyes, she played down her sensuality in front of a largely teen audience where she became a big sister offering advice about resisting temptation and letting Jesus take the wheel.

WIth four albums under her belt, she does a North American tour in the summer of 2013, with Wages and Gifts supporting her (02 Out of Tune). Indio steps into play guitar for Wages and Gifts. The tour starts in San Antonio and has dates in (among other places) New Orleans, Birmingham, Nashville, Columbus OH, Pennsylvania and Michigan, Minneapolis, Lincoln NE, and later in Seattle and Vancouver (Canada).

Early in the tour she comes on to Indio in his hotel room and they soon begin an affair. Despite her purity ring she suggests this isn't the first time she's taken lovers. Indio realizes he's using Charity to work out his own issues relating to sexual abuse he suffered as a boy, and he breaks it off.

Her personality type is ENFP.

Charity appears in 02 Out of Tune.