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Charlie Bryant is a freelance investigative journalist who has been reporting on the Light for more than a decade. He is a "nondescript man in his sixties" with thinning dark hair and "scruffily old-fashioned" clothing. He lives in Tucson.

In 2002 he wrote his first article about the ashram. It included photos of Althea, Wynter (4), and Joy (11).

In March 2014 he is searching for people who have left the Light and is approached by Rain Legates who directs him to Jesse. Jesse sets up an interview with Wynter. Charlie's exposé, Soothe Your Soul… At a Price, is published in April, leading to Wynter's schoolmates discovering she grew up in a cult.

On Caleb's advice, Charlie reports to the authorities that human remains may be buried on the property. He stays in touch with Jesse regarding changes at the ashram, such as the FBI opening an investigation into the Light in August 2014. When the FBI seizes the Light's assets, he writes another article in November that causes further teasing for Wynter at school.

In July 2015 he reports that the ashram's leaders have been indicted. Caleb joins him in Arizona and talks to some Light members as well as relaying personal family information to Charlie. In September, more members and former members are indicted and arrested. While Caleb is in Tucson in October, Charlie gives him a letter and takes him to "A" Mountain where Wynter started her journey three years ago.

His personality type is INTP.