Wynter Wild Wiki

Patricia Brown owns a cabin on Cougar Mountain, closer to Patty's Diner, which she rents out as a holiday home.

Caleb organizes a vacation at the cabin for Christmas 2013 (03 Rhythm and Rhyme), in exchange for doing some maintenance work. Joy is supposed to join the family but leaves a note and fails to show up.

The cabin has a kitchen/dining room, living room with piano and fireplace, two master bedrooms and two additional bedrooms with two bunk beds. each. The large yard has a fence that Caleb repairs. He also fixes the water heater and the roof of the lean-to, and clears the gutters. During the vacation, Jesse and Indio avoid helping by building an igloo for Wynter in the front yard.

Charlie Bryant rents the cabin from February 2016 (10 The Beat Goes On) while he tries his hand at writing a novel.