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Crunch is Wynter's high school heavy metal band. Before she joins, the band is named Soggy Breakfast and the line-up is Vince on lead vocals, Ricky on guitar, Jeremiah on bass, and Beck on drums. She auditions to be rhythm guitarist on April Fool's Day, 2014, and Beck asks her to join. She quits at the first rehearsal because Vince wants to take the band in a thrash metal direction. He also crudely insults Wynter.

Ten days later Beck begs her to join, but she refuses unless they get rid of Vince and let her change the setlist. After spring break, Vince quits and Wynter joins. They audition for a new lead vocalist and choose Maggie. She suggests the new name Crunch. The band rehearses at a room at E Sharp and play covers from bands such as Black Veil Brides and BFMV.

Crunch's only performance is the ninth-grade dance in June, with Caleb offering to do their sound at the last minute.