Daisy Palermo is the youngest daughter of Richard and Katrina. She has brown eyes and dark hair. Her older sisters are Alyssa, Jessica, and Paige, who sometimes calls her Daze. The younger girls are looked after by a Finnish au pair, Varpu.

Jesse and Caleb first meet Daisy in November 2014 (06 Natural Harmonics) when Paige has talked her into filming a dangerous science demonstration on the front lawn. She loves the movie Frozen and gets a white rabbit named Olaf for Christmas.

In February 2015 when the family gets together again, she meets Wynter and Indio (07 Duet). She wants Indio on her Nerf blaster battle team because he looks scary, and she helps Jesse design an elaborate igloo.

Daisy appears in 06 Natural Harmonics, 07 Duet, 10 The Beat Goes On.

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