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Distortion by Sara Creasy is book 5 of the Wynter Wild series. It was published July 2019, and in paperback July 2020.

Main characters: Wynter, Caleb, Indio, Jesse

New characters include: Scott, Bonnie, Eliza, Meisa, Lucy Gerarchi, Olivia, Shelley Lysterfield, Calhuun

Books in the Wynter Wild series:

01 Little Sister Song

02 Out of Tune

03 Rhythm and Rhyme

04 Lost Melodies

05 Distortion

06 Natural Harmonics

07 Duet

08 Minor Key

09 Broken Strings

10 The Beat Goes On

Amazon blurb[]

Wynter has helped to create a safe place, an eccentric home in the mountains with her older brothers. Her music career is taking off with an overseas recording opportunity and a new all-girl rock band. She has everything she needs, but her brothers could use some help.

Indio returns from London and there's a room waiting for him, if he'll take it, as well as an old flame in the wings. Caleb has a new chance at love, and Jesse continues his search for the perfect girl. Through everything, Wynter maintains her dream of making a success of their band Rule212.

Out of the blue, their mother Miriam returns. Her years of neglect have already distorted her children's chances for love and happiness. Does she stand any chance of reconciliation? Will Wynter and her brothers seek closure on the past, or do they want revenge?