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Dusk is Jesse's girlfriend. They meet at Jenny's Halloween party in 2014, where Dusk dresses up as Twilight Sparkle (06 Natural Harmonics).

She is described as having "wide-set, heavy-lidded eyes and long dark hair trailing out of a head wrap". She wears colorful boho clothes such as smocked tops, flowing skirts, and mutliple pendants and bangles. Throughout their relationship, Dusk continually tries to introduce New Age "mumbo jumbo" that Jesse tolerates because:

"With Dusk, nothing’s gonna stick. I don’t even try. I can just be myself and relax and let her do her freaky things. And fairly often, the freaky things involve being naked, so there’s that.”

Dusk buys Wynter an amber guardian angel to deflect negative energy and personal attacks. She smudges the band's new van Nessie with smoke, helps out at the merch table, gives Wynter golden topaz for creativity and confidence at Rule212's first gig, and in April 2015 lends her a dress for prom (07 Duet). Wynter doesn't understand why Jesse is so obsessed with Dusk, given her irrational beliefs, although she appreciates that Dusk makes him happy. Dusk takes such criticisms in stride. She seems determined to heal the family spiritually.

Jesse writes a song for her, Stars Align, that he performs on Valentine's Day 2015 (07 Duet).

She develops an obsession with Indio because of his "demons", although he is indifferent to her. She believes her animal spirit (dolphin) is very compatible with his (wolf) and angers Jesse when she wants to buy Indio an expensive gift (07 Duet).

Dusk has younger brothers whose hair she cuts. Her family includes conspiracy theorists and New Age believers. She is bisexual and wants a three-way with another woman, which Jesse resists. She doesn't like it when he smokes weed.

Dusk becomes extra-attentive to Jesse when he suffers PTSD following a home invasion. She wants to go on tour with Rule212 and plans a big party for his 21st (08 Minor Key). After a break from the relationship in mid-2015, she and Jesse get back together briefly. In August she goes with him to Sacramento to help Xay move into his girlfriend's place.

They break up for good in early September after she is caught with Eliza.

Her personality type is ENFP.

Dusk appears in 06 Natural Harmonics, 07 Duet, and 08 Minor Key.