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Eliza is the keyboardist for the Mail Order Chicks. She is entering her senior year and Wynter knows her from music class. She is a talented player and fluent sight-reader, and also sings back-up vocals. Her personality is sensible, serious, and a little standoffish. She has a younger brother, Lachlan.

Maggie recruits her for the band in July 2014. The band, with Jesse on drums, plays at Lachlan's 15th birthday party a month later.

In January 2015, when the Mail Order Chicks audition for the ninth-grade March Madness Dance, Indio fills in on bass and teases Eliza that he doesn't know the songs they're about to play (07 Duet).

Wynter helps Eliza with her prom queen campaign in January 2015, and she gets nominated to the prom court. She and her friends rent a limo for the prom and invite Wynter and her date to be in their prom group. They come to the Tiger Mountain house beforehand for photos. Eliza's date is a girl in Wynter's chem class.

Eliza comes to Indio's birthday party in September, where she does a seance with Dusk (08 Minor Key).

Eliza appears on 05 Distortion, 07 Duet, 08 Minor Key.