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Ember Morant is the mother of Xay Morant. She was born in Australia in 1975 and spent some time studying in California when she was 19. While on a Light retreat in San Diego she had a brief affair that resulted in Xay's birth. She returned with him to Australia when he was an infant and raised him in Byron Bay, while remaining involved with the Light.

When Xay was 7, Ember called his father in America and unsuccessfully asked for money to visit. In 2011, when Xay was 16, she moved with him to the Light ashram in Arizona. About a year later they were asked to leave. Ember eventually became disillusioned by the Light because of their treatment of her. She and Xay settled in Sacramento CA by mid-2013.

Ember was diagnosed with cancer after leaving the ashram and refused modern medical treatment. As she became sicker, she reverted to the Light's beliefs for comfort. She died in January 2015 at age 39 (07 Duet).

Her personality type is ENFP.

Ember appears in 07 Duet and 10 The Beat Goes On (flashback).