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Eric is Marcus's younger brother and Wynter's first boyfriend. He has soft brown eyes and light brown hair, and is 5'8". Jesse has known Eric since he was little and describes him as brainy, a neat dresser, socially inept, and lacking in personality, but hopes Wynter is too inexperienced to notice his flaws. He considers Eric to be an ideal first boyfriend.

Eric comes to the Smoke and Mirrors party in April 2014 when Wynter is 16 and he is a senior at her school. He dresses as a wizard and makes a poor impression, especially as she's more interested in Luke.

Two weeks later, Eric visits with Marcus, bringing her Easter eggs, and helps with her physics homework. Marcus bets Jesse $20 that he'll never ask her out. Jesse tries to teach her how to flirt.

A week later Eric asks her out by text. He takes her bowling and they get along reasonably well. They go on more dates and Eric is permitted to sit in on her Crunch rehearsals. Indio disapproves of the way Jesse pushed her into dating Eric when she's not attracted to him.

On their four-week anniversary they have sex in his bedroom. Eric is in love with Wynter and pressures her to open up emotionally about her past, but she hates talking about the Light.

They break up after a month-and-a-half of dating. Indio tells her Eric was not what she needs, and that she must keep looking.

Eric appears in 04 Lost Melodies.