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Ethan Burke is bassist for the Clockwork Toys, Wynter's middle school rock band. His younger sister is a classmate of Arthur Yu's. Arthur recommends him because he plays cello, but he's never played bass before. Wynter describes him as "clean cut, not at all like a rock musician", but he is talented and enthusiastic, and comes to Rosa's for a masterclass with Caleb who lends him a bass guitar for the duration of the band. Ethan sang in a choir and sings back-up vocals for the Clockwork Toys.

Ethan is eager to please, trusting Wynter's musical direction for the band. He defends her against Hunter who thinks she's weird, and is respectful toward Caleb. Wynter invites him to be her partner at the graduation disco and promises to teach him the country swing.

After graduation Ethan attends a private school 20 miles away.

Ethan appears in 02 Out of Tune.