Frankie is the owner of E Sharp, a music store in downtown Seattle. He is described as a "grizzled ex-hippie ". He has a special affection for the Fairn brothers who spent hundreds of hours in their youth at his store, and has been at times a father figure to Indio.

Frankie is happily married to an unnamed "former beauty queen with not one hobby or interest that intersected with his" and describes their marriage as Leather and Lace.

Frankie wants Indio to teach guitar over the summer of 2013, but Indio doesn't want to spend the summer in Seattle. He allows Wynter's band Crunch to rehearse in a room at the store, for free (04 Lost Melodies) and gives Wynter a job teaching theory classes (and later, guitar) on Saturday mornings. Jenny Leung has also taught theory classes and violin there.

A friend of Frankie's gives Wynter a pool table (05 Distortion). Frankie gives Jesse $50 to share with Wynter after a customer buys a guitar that she demonstrated in the store.

Frankie is a recurring minor character throughout the series.

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