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Henry (Harry) Fairn is the father of Caleb, Indio, Joy and Jesse Fairn. He was born in May 1966 in Anaconda, Montana, and grew up there in the family home where he later raised his sons as a single father.

Harry joined the Army out of high school (1984) and three years later, while home on leave, met Miriam Wild in a Montana bar. Their first son Caleb was born while he was stationed in Germany for two years. He and Miriam married in March 1990, and their twins Indio and Joy were born that September. Their fourth child Jesse was born in June 1994.

Harry had an extramarital affair a few months before Jesse's birth with an Australian college student while on a Light Retreat in San Diego. The resulting child was raised by his mother in Australia. The affair and pregnancy ended Harry's marriage to Miriam.

Harry became a sole parent in 1997 to his sons, then aged 9, 6, and 3 years old. The responsibility overwhelmed him, and due to his alcoholism he was a negligent and at times violent father, leading to Caleb taking over most household responsibilities. The family moved to Seattle in 2003.

Harry has worked many jobs including school groundskeeper, prison guard, middle management at a cleaning company, and security guard.

After Caleb threw him out of the Seattle home in December 2010, Harry bought a small house in Everett and gained a Border Collie named Lexie.

In February 2013 he becomes engaged to Charmaine (01 Little Sister Song), but after the wedding in April he refuses to sign the license (02 Out of Tune).

In early 2014 he sells the Everett house, gives the profit to Caleb in an uncharacteristic act of generosity, and moves onto his boat, moored at Shilshole Bay Marina on Puget Sound (03 Rhythm and Rhyme).

Harry has contentious relationships with his three sons, especially Indio whom he rarely sees. Caleb attempts to keep in contact, while Jesse only visits "when he needs something signed." Wynter despises Harry because he was, and continues to be, a terrible father.

He meets his illegitimate child in May 2015 (07 Duet) and his first grandchild in September (09 Broken Strings).

In January 2016 he is living in Anacortes, in the north of Washington state (10 The Beat Goes On) and is still fixing up his boat.

His personality type is ISTP.