The Heathcotes are a wealthy family from Burlington, Vermont. Caleb learns of his family's link to the Heathcotes in September 2014, after discovering an old newspaper clipping about the disappearance of Emmanuelle (Ellie) Heathcote-Brown (05 Distortion).

The now-deceased previous generation of Heathcotes were Ellie's grandparents, born in the early 1900s. Her grandfather died in 1979 and her grandmother in 1985.

The family matriarch until her death in 1994 was Sylvia Heathcote, born 1940. She married Bill Brown from Washington in 1963, a match her parents disapproved of because of his working class background. They had four children:

  • Walter (b. Feb 1964) - died by suicide on June 10th, 1985
  • Ellie (b. Dec 25th, 1969) - disappeared or ran away in June 1985
  • Patricia (b. 1971) - runs Patty's Diner in Washington
  • Katrina (b. 1976) - married Richard Palermo and lives in the family home with their four daughters

Sylvia had a brother, 10 years her junior, named Lawrence (b. May 1950) - known to the children as Uncle Lawrie. He remained living in the house while they were young. Lawrence was banished from the home and disinherited in late 1979.

Katrina's children are:

Jesse and Caleb first visit the family in November 2014 (06 Natural Harmonics). A family reunion is held in February 2015 which Indio and Wynter also attend (07 Duet), when a secret is discovered about Lawrence's identity.

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