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Hunter (15) is lead guitarist for the Clockwork Toys. Wynter recruits him on the recommendation of Arthur Yu, who can only name two eighth-grade guitarists in the school. Wynter tracks Hunter down after searching for his year book photo where she notes he is a:

"sharp-featured boy with high cheekbones and dark overlong hair, the sort of boy her friends would probably call hot. Objectively, this was true, but Hunter has a sullen mouth and a sly look in his eye that made him look like he might be hard to handle."

Hunter is initially skeptical of working with Wynter, but auditions and joins the band a few days later. He is impressed by her musical talent, dumps his girlfriend Sarah, and hopes to date Wynter. Hunter shows up at Rosa's home while Caleb is giving Ethan a bass masterclass, and lets slip that the kids at school call her retarded because of her lack of social skills: "You play amazing guitar. But… it’s like you just climbed out of a bunker."

Hunter admits he repeated fifth grade and thinks it's cool that he takes methamphetamine for his ADHD. Behind her back he calls Wynter a Nazi because he resents her bossing him around during rehearsals. He is determined to play Guns N' Roses' Sweet Child o' Mine but can never quite master the guitar part.

At the Science Fair, Hunter's project is testing different kinds of fertlizer on watermelon seeds, including cat poop. Hunter relentlessly tries to get Wynter to agree to a date. Jesse shuts him down. He asks her again after the graduation concert, and when she refuses implies the band was a waste of time for him.

Hunter appears in 02 Out of Tune.