Indio Fairn is the middle son of Harry Fairn and Miriam Wild, born September 4th, 1990 in the Fairn family home in Anaconda, Montana. His twin is Joy. His brothers are Caleb and Jesse. Wynter is his half-sister.

Indio has a poor relationship with older brother Caleb due to his resentment of Caleb taking an authoritarian role in the household when they were growing up. Indio was frequently in trouble through his teenage years, culminating in a felony assault charge at age 17 when he beat up a boy at school and went to Highvale (juvenile rehabilitation) for 15 weeks. His problems stem from his mother abandoning the family when he was six, taking his twin with her.

Indio is a talented artist and musician. He studied graphic design at Ohio State, transferring to Portland State to complete his degree. His first love is music, and he is the lead vocalist and guitarist in his friend Turk's college band Blunderbelly before becoming the lead singer and guitarist for his siblings' indie rock band Rule212. He is also stage manager and art director for the band.

On his 23rd birthday in 2013, Wynter presents him with a song, Rate of Change, that she, Caleb, and Jesse recorded as a gift.

He dates music major Jenny Leung in 2014. Other (often brief) relationships include Frances Feeney in high school, Piper, pink-haired groupie Eleanor, Charity Thorne, Anke the German backpacker, English schoolteacher Claire, and Bonnie.

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