Jenny Leung is Indio's girlfriend 2014. She is an only child. Her mother is Caucasian and her father is Chinese.

She first met Indio at the lockers in high school in Seattle, on his 18th birthday in 2008 when she was 16. She was a junior and he was a senior, and both were new to the school that semester. Jenny soon began dating Kevin Tsang before Indio had the chance to ask her out. Indio left the violin sheet music for Devil Went Down to Georgia on her locker for her 17th birthday.

After high school went on two dates with Indio during the summer. He cheated on her on a trip to Mexico and returned to Ohio without talking to her again.

Jenny studies music at the University of Washington and plays violin. She and her grandfather Les Buckaroo play regular gigs at Patty's Diner on Cougar Mountain. She teaches music theory and violin at E Sharp. In 2013 when she meets Indio again, she's dating Stefan but nevertheless goes on a date with Indio on Valentine's Day. She and Indio finally begin dating 18 months later (September 2014) after she performs guest fiddle with Rule212 at Les Buckaroo's birthday party.

Jenny is uncomfortable with Indio's close relationship with Wynter.

Jenny appears in 01 Little Sister Song, 05 Distortion, and 06 Natural Harmonics.

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