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Jesse Walter Fairn is the youngest son of Harry Fairn and Miriam Wild, born June 27th, 1994 in Billings, Montana. His middle name comes from Miriam's older brother Walter although he doesn't learn this until many years later.

He doesn't remember his mother, who left the family a few days before his third birthday. He grew up in Seattle from the age of nine, mostly under the care of eldest brother Caleb due to their father's neglect. Indio and Joy are his other siblings. Wynter is his half-sister, four years his junior. He meets Xay Morant in 2015. His best friends include Marcus and Scott.

Jesse is close to all his brothers, although they are often baffled by his intellectualism. He was a high achiever in school, completing his Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Washington in three years. He's studying at UW for his Master's, with academic interests in robotics and integrated systems. In particular, he loves physics and Lego.

He has an irreverent attitude to life, always seeking truth and honesty within a framework of logic and scientific reason. He considers himself a metaphysical naturalist, a rational hedonist, and a serial monogamist. He makes it his mission in life to teach Wynter all about the outside world.

Jesse has been playing drums since Harry gave him a kit when he was eight. He never had a regular band before his siblings formed Rule212 but played with many rock and jazz bands around Seattle during his teens.

His most successful romantic relationship is with Dusk, a free-spirited young woman he meets at a Halloween party in 2014 (06 Natural Harmonics). Other relationships include Meg Whitfield, Natalie in his freshman year, a bridesmaid at his father's wedding, Heather (from Crazy Fun Mini Golf), Alice, Lucy Gerarchi and physics post-grad Ana. He meets a harpist he names Lara in August 2014 (05 Distortion) and believes he's fallen in love at first sight, although he never sees her again.

Following a home invasion (07 Duet), Jesse develops panic attacks and insomnia (08 Minor Key).

He becomes obsessed with tracking down Wynter's father and other lost family members, and with exacting revenge on his mother.

He dislikes prawn crackers (07 Duet). His personality type is ENTP.