Jessica Palermo is the second daughter of Richard and Katrina. She has brown eyes, dark wavy hair, and sharp cheekbones. Her sister Alyssa is two years older, and her younger sisters are Paige, and Daisy. Paige disparagingly says of Jessica, "She thinks an Instagram filter will change her life."

Jessica meets Jesse and Caleb at the family home in Burlington, Vermont, in November 2014 (06 Natural Harmonics). She's extroverted and obsessed with social media, and gets along well with Jesse while he predicts she and Wynter (who is the same age) will hate each other. Her friends rate Jesse 9.6 out of 10 on "some kind of hotness scale." Jessica does Jesse a favor by making a difficult phone call to Malcolm Thackeray, in return for him sending a shirtless photo to her friends.

When Jessica meets Wynter in February 2015, she shows her the allegedly haunted typewriter in the basement and the girls uncover a family secret about their Great Uncle Lawrence (07 Duet).

Jessica teaches Jesse to play complex piano pieces note-by-note, a method Wynter disapproves of.

Jessica appears in 06 Natural Harmonics and 07 Duet.

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