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Joey Clifton is Beck's older brother. He owns a tattoo parlor in Capitol Hill near the high school. Joey has a history of arrests. When he left home, Beck went into foster care for a time. Joey now lives back at home with his sister, her two young children, Beck, and their grandfather. He is heavy-set with muscled arms, full sleeves of tattoos, and rose vine tattoos over his shaved head.

He attended the same high school as Caleb, graduating in 2002 (four years before Caleb). His younger sister was two years above Jesse at school and is described by Indio as "toxic".

Joey gives Beck an arrow tattoo on his ankle at Christmas. In June he gives Wynter a rocketship tattoo for $60 (04 Lost Melodies), balking when he learns she has older brothers. They bond over the meaning of the tattoo. Joey warns her off Beck, calling him a "little shit", and gives her a free leather cuff to cover the tattoo.

Wynter learns from Diane of his nickname, Rosie, and writes a song about him.

After Crunch's concert, Wynter makes Joey give her a condom so she and Beck can have sex. When Joey and his friends attend Rule212's second concert in November (06 Natural Harmonics), Wynter adds Rosie to the setlist. Joey tells Indio never to sing it again.

In March 2016 (10 The Beat Goes On), Caleb briefly hires Joey for security and driving for Rule212 gigs. He lets them down by disappearing on the job. They later learn his aunt and uncle died, and he has to take care of their children.

Joey appears in 04 Lost Melodies, 06 Natural Harmonics, and 10 The Beat Goes On.

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