Joy Fairn is the daughter of Harry Fairn and Miriam Wild, and Indio's twin. She was born September 4th, 1990, in the Fairn family home in Anaconda, Montana. At the age of six, Joy accompanied her mother to the Light ashram in Arizona where she has lived ever since - leaving behind her brothers Caleb, Indio, and Jesse. She settled into her new life well and became a true believer in the Light. She helped raise her younger half-sister Wynter who was born when she was seven.

Joy married Sean Delaney at the ashram in a "commitment ceremony" when she was 20.

When Wynter is 14, Joy escapes with her from the ashram and sends her to Caleb's house in Seattle. She is excommunicated as a result. Joy explains her rash action to her mother by claiming Wynter does not belong in the Light. However, Wynter believes the reason relates to a secret Joy is holding.

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