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Katrina Heathcote-Brown is Patricia Brown's younger sister. She has light brown hair and hazel eyes, and is married to Richard Palermo, a successful businessman. She was born and raised in the family home in Burlington, Vermont, and has four daughters: Alyssa, Jessica, Paige, and Daisy. Growing up she had another older sister Emmanuelle and an older brother Walter.

The first time Jesse and Caleb meet Katrina, in November 2014 (06 Natural Harmonics), she's driving her Mercedes-Benz SUV. She has elegantly coiffed hair, a perfectly made-up face, and is wearing a fitted wool jacket and knee-high black boots. She comes across as nervous and reserved.

Katrina and Patricia feel duty-bound to give their older sister her share of the family inheritance, which requires Patricia to sell Patty's Diner.

Katrina meets Wynter and Indio in February 2015 (07 Duet). In January 2016 she becomes involved in Caleb's attempt to get Theo back (09 Broken Strings), and later offers to loan him a significant amount of money.

Katrina appears in 06 Natural Harmonics, 07 Duet, 09 Broken Strings.