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Lawrence in the 1970s

Lawrence Heathcote is the younger brother of Sylvia (mother of Ellie and her siblings). He was born in May 1950, ten years after Sylvia, grew up in the Heathcote family home in Vermont, and continued to live there as a young adult. As a boy he had blond hair.

Lawrence dropped out of college and traveled the world on his wealthy parents' dime. He wrote a "subversive" newsletter with various New Age philosophical ideas, which from around 1979 to 1981 his young niece Ellie helped him edit, copy, and mail out.

In December 1981 he was banished from the family home and disinherited for abusing one of his nieces. In 1985 he contacted Ellie and was instrumental in the blackmailing of her brother Walter, leading to Walter's suicide. By this time, he had assumed a new identity.

His history, and his connection to Wynter's family, is uncovered in 2014-2015 (06 Natural Harmonics, 07 Duet).