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Lucy Gerarchi is Jesse's girlfriend and is 21, a year older than him. Jesse claims he rescued her from Indio who was chatting her up after a gig in August 2014. She is described as a petite strawberry blonde with big blue eyes, and is assertive and up-beat. Wynter finds her spoilt and self-absorbed, and thinks she doesn't show Jesse enough affection. Lucy has an imported Italian four-poster bed and likes shopping in designer stores.

Lucy is an only child. Her father is Dr Gerarchi, a surgeon, and her mother Mrs Gerarchi is a socialite. The family's Filipino "maid" is Rafael.

Lucy styles the Mail Order Chicks for their 80s-themed gig, which includes giving Jesse eyeliner and a mullet.

Lucy and Jesse double-date with Wynter and Scott a few days later at Wings Junction. At the end of August, Jesse goes to live with Lucy for a week-and-a-half while her parents are overseas, in their huge "modern industrial" house. It doesn't work out well for Jesse as they have little in common and Lucy doesn't include him in her social life. Jesse takes over looking after the family dog Miri's medication.

Lucy fixes Wynter's hair and make-up to make her look older, enabling Wynter to get into the Candyhouse with Lucy's ID to find Indio.

After a mix-up with her parents that causes them to throw Jesse out, Lucy continues to see him in secret although they are "limping along". In October she is supposed to play the character Elsa from Frozen at a party Jesse is DJing but bails. By the time she and Jesse attend Jenny's Halloween party, both dressed as zombies, Jesse is preparing to dump her.

Lucy appears in 05 Distortion and 06 Natural Harmonics.