Luke Casiano is an occasional point-of-view character in the Wynter Wild series.

He is introduced in 04 Lost Melodies when he is 20 and his sister is 32. He is a sophomore at the University of Washington majoring in cybersecurity. He speaks fluent Spanish. His mother’s family is from Martinique and his father is Puerto Rican. His parents live in Pennsylvania.

He first meets the Fairn family when he and his boss Antonio of Toscano Home Security visit the Tiger Mountain home in March 2014 to talk about installing a security system. Jesse notices Wynter's immediate attraction to him, and describes him as tall and muscled with darker coloring, a strong jaw, angular cheekbones, and close-cropped black hair. He is in the Army Reserve. He has a respectful and professional attitude that impresses Caleb.

He offers Jesse some antique welding goggles for his steampunk costume for the Smoke and Mirrors party in April, and Caleb invites him to attend. He dresses as a highwaymanand escorts Wynter (16) through the Tunnel of Doom. Later, he kisses her on a suspended bridge above the warehouse dance floor.

He attends the house in December after Wynter calls Toscano Home Security. Jesse later claims this was a clone of Luke, because Caleb had the real Luke killed after finding out about the kiss.

In June 2015, Caleb asks Luke to work security at Jesse's 21st birthday party where he witnesses various family dramas unfolding and notes that Wynter is "older, and colder." He attends their Fourth of July barbecue with his girlfriend Julieta and housesits while Rule212 is on tour through July.

In September he helps Wynter in another family matter, where she tricks him into doing something unethical and he comes to believe he's fallen under her spell.

Luke appears in 04 Lost Melodies, 06 Natural Harmonics, 08 Minor Key, 09 Broken Strings.

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