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Lydia is Jesse's girlfriend in his second year of college. They meet at the end of March 2014 during their Nonlinear Optimization final (04 Lost Melodies). Jesse says: "She’s the reason I’m gonna get an A-minus in that class, instead of an A."

Indio observes that Lydia is "pretty, interesting, and smart." She is dark-haired with plump limbs that she waves around as she speaks.

Jesse sets up Indio at a party with Lydia's friend Rebecca, and the girls suggest a foursome. The guys send them home alone so they can smoke a joint together before Indio leaves for London.

Lydia attends the Smoke and Mirrors party with Jesse the following week, dressed as a Victorian lady to match his steampunk gentleman. At home afterward, Jesse forgoes the opportunity to have sex with Lydia, and instead keeps Wynter company in the tower. He and Lydia finally have sex in her dorm room a week later but Lydia avoids talking about exclusivity. He concludes she's not that into him and they split up.

Three weeks later and after seeing two other girls, they are back together in a "one-sided open relationship" and Jesse promises her that Caleb is making him a king-size four-poster bed.

Lydia swears off seeing Jesse during finals week in June, after which Jesse gives up on her.