Madeline is Wynter's foster sister in Enumclaw from August 2013. She is almost 17 when Wynter meets her. Their foster parents are Debra and Brian. Their foster brothers are Aiden and Nathan. She was born in Casper, Wyoming, and has an older brother named Zack (age 20).

Madeline has wavy auburn hair and wears dark lipstick, pancake make-up, and too-tight clothes. She's a high school junior at Wynter's school when Wynter is a freshman. She attempts to be an older sister to Wynter, giving her advice and dressing her up for Halloween, but often says thoughtless things.

She comes from a troubled background, was molested by her brother and her mother's boyfriend, and cuts herself. Her mother keeps failing to show up for visitations. Her brother is in and out of jail on drug-related charges and spends time in Highvale as well as adult prison. She claims that at 12 she had a 19-year-old boyfriend named Ryan.

Madeline wants Wynter to teach her guitar and watch vampire TV shows with her. She proclaims Jesse a total bore, but cute, and hogs his time when he visits. She declares Indio is hotter but suspects them both of giving Wynter a black eye.

She has a hidden talent for assembling flat-pack furniture and enjoys playing Candy Land. Wynter feels some responsibility for improving Madeline's life, but ultimately can do nothing to help her. Madeline is removed from the foster home after Christmas 2013, after a stay in hospital.

Madeline appears in 03 Rhythm and Rhyme.

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