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Maggie is the lead vocalist for Crunch and later for the Mail Order Chicks. She has a goth appearance, with black hair and dark lipstick, and wears a lot of black and tartan, chains and pearls, and splashes of red. She is rather grumpy, "like she was bottling up anger", but can be pleasant when she chooses to be. She is a few months younger than Wynter and they meet in tenth grade (04 Lost Melodies).

In April 2014 Maggie auditions as lead vocalist for Crunch after Vince quits, singing I Miss the Misery. Wynter is impressed and invites her to join by "unanimous vote" without consulting the others. Maggie comes up with the name Crunch to replace Soggy Breakfast. Jesse describes her as having "a powerhouse of hard-hitting, guttural vocals across a seemingly endless range" and a powerful stage presence, although she is undisciplined. She helps Wynter with her purple vinyl outfit for Crunch's concert in June, while Maggie wears a dress made of plastic patches and stiletto boots.

Over the summer Maggie convinces Wynter to put together an all-girl group singing 80s and 90s British pop (05 Distortion). They name the band the Mail Order Chicks, and the girls become enthused when Jesse joins them on drums. He works with Maggie to teach her to cue.

Maggie is very ambitious, at once point offering Jesse sexual favors if he'll introduce her to people in the business. Jesse advises her to always be professional. She attends Rule212's second gig in November, bringing her family and two young cousins who are fans of Jesse's YouTube channel Drumhead Gamerboy. She helps on the merch table (06 Natural Harmonics).

In January 2015 Maggie and the Mail Order Chicks audition for the school's March Madness Dance, with Indio filling in on bass (7 Duet). They win the gig, which takes place in late March. In May, while she is still 16, Maggie is poached by local band Riff N Ruff, breaking up the Mail Order Chicks.

Although Wynter considers Maggie a friend, they don't socialize. Maggie is present at Wynter's 17th birthday celebration in March 2015 (07 Duet).

Maggie appears in 04 Lost Melodies, 05 Distortion, 06 Natural Harmonics, and 07 Duet.