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According to Miriam Wild's birth certificate, she was born on April 29th, 1968 in Phoenixville, PA. She met her future husband Harry Fairn while singing in a Montana bar when she was 18. While he was stationed in Germany, their first son Caleb was born in 1988 at his parents' home in Anaconda. Harry's parents eventually took Miriam and baby Caleb into their home.

Miriam married Harry in March 1990 after he was discharged from the Army. Twins Indio and Joy were born later that year. Their fourth child Jesse was born in 1994 in Billings, where the family had moved because of Miriam's interest in the new-age religion called the Light. Miriam and Harry separated a few months later after she discovered that his illicit affair, while she was pregnant, had resulted in a pregnancy.

Miriam raised the four children alone, living in Billings, Bozeman, Great Falls, and Missoula, Montana. She ran lectures and healing rituals out of the home, often neglecting her children.

In the summer of 1997 she took the children to stay with Harry, later leaving the boys with him in order to take Joy to the Light's temple at the ashram in south-eastern Arizona. She never returned.

At the ashram she married fellow devotee Malcolm and in March 1998 gave birth to Wynter. Malcolm left the Light and Miriam had a relationship with Tobias Martin. Miriam quickly rose in importance at the ashram. She moved to the island of Ko Samui in Thailand in 2008 to run a new retreat as a guru.

Miriam visits Seattle in August 2014 for a Light conference, and is briefly reunited with her children. A year later she returns to Arizona to nurse her sick daughter Joy. By October 2015 she has made a cozy life for herself in Sierra Vista, AZ, where she cares for her grandson Theo. After losing custody of Theo, she inserts herself back into Harry's life.

Her personality type is ENTJ.

Miriam appears in 01 Little Sister Song (via phone), 05 Distortion, 09 Broken Strings, 10 The Beat Goes On.