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Ms Driscoll is a music teacher at Wynter's Richland middle school, described as "a younger woman with round cheeks" and around Caleb's age (25). She is friendly toward Wynter after finding her wandering around without a hall pass on her first day in January 2013, avoiding her French class. She wants Wynter to pick up the trombone and join the school marching band.

She allows the Clockwork Toys to rehearse in a music room after school. Wynter wants Caleb to "use your hotness" to make her give them credit for being in a band. Wynter makes Ms Driscoll an origami box as a bribe to help them win the graduation concert auditions, but ends up giving the gift to Rosa instead. Ms Driscoll selects the Clockwork Toys, and forbids them from playing I Love Rock N' Roll because it's "too sexual".

At the concert, where they play the song anyway, she introduces herself as Cathy Driscoll to Indio, recognizing him in the wings and being clearly attracted to him.

Ms Driscoll appears in 01 Little Sister Song and 02 Out of Tune.