Nathan is Wynter's younger foster brother while she's living in Enumclaw with Debra and Brian from August 2013. His foster brother is Aiden. His older foster sister is Madeline.

Nathan's mother died by suicide. He is adopted by Debra and Brian in early October 2013 and they have a party to celebrate his "forever family".

Nathan tells Aiden that Indio is Thor when he first sees him. Later he asks Indio to draw superhero comics for him. He is constantly on the lookout for zombies approaching the house. He helps design a treehouse, believing the most important feature is a zipline for an emergency escape route.

He dresses up as a werewolf for Halloween 2013, when Jesse takes him and Aiden (a zombie) Trick or Treating.

Just as Wynter is preparing to leave her foster home, Nathan offers her some melted M&Ms as compensation because one of her guitars broke while he and Aiden were using it as a zombie shield. He tried to fix it with paste.

Nathan appears in 03 Rhythm and Rhyme.

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