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Neville Tilly is Patricia's first cousin. He is married to Donna. His mother Shirley is the older sister of Patricia's father Bill Brown, and his father is George Tilly. He lives in Issaquah, WA, and is married with several children and grandchildren. He's in his early 50s and has a shaved head and a bulky build with muscles turning to fat. He is fairly gruff and a straight-talker, from a working-class background. His wife had her 40th birthday at Patty's Diner in the summer of 1994.

Other than Patricia, he doesn't know her mother's side of the family well and has only met Katrina once, when she attended Bill's funeral.

Neville does odd jobs for Patricia, and she sends him over to Caleb's house in Columbia City to fix the dishwasher in April 2013. A year later he visits Caleb's new house on Tiger Mountain to offer advice on repairs.

As well as being a handyman, Neville is an experienced sound engineer. He does the sound for Rule212 at Les Buckaroo's birthday party, and again when they play at Dwayne Orion’s private Christmas party in December 2014 (07 Duet). He and Donna go to Vermont with Wynter and her brothers in February 2015, and he's uncomfortable about staying in a mansion.

Neville is mentioned in 02 Out of Tune, and appears in 04 Lost Melodies and 07 Duet.