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Out of Tune by Sara Creasy is book 2 of the Wynter Wild series. It was published March 2019, and in paperback August 2019.

The book continues the story of Wynter as she struggles to navigate middle school while living with her foster mother, psychologist Dr Rosa Meyers. Wynter fails to figure out the rules of social etiquette at school but impresses a group of boys with her musical talent and puts together a rock band, the Clockwork Toys. Meanwhile, she yearns to live at home with Caleb, who attempts to win custody. Jesse enjoys tormenting Rosa, and Indio goes on tour.

Main characters: Wynter, Caleb, Indio, Jesse, Joy

New characters include: Arthur Yu, Ethan Burke, Hunter, Mateo, Charity Thorne, Deedee, Frankie.

Books in the Wynter Wild series:

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02 Out of Tune

03 Rhythm and Rhyme

04 Lost Melodies

05 Distortion

06 Natural Harmonics

07 Duet

08 Minor Key

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10 The Beat Goes On

Amazon blurb[]

Family is forever.

Wynter is struggling to find her place in the world. Now in foster care, her only desire is to move home with her brothers, who become increasingly frustrated by her inability to tell them about her childhood.

While she finds success by putting together a rock band with some boys at school, she fails at the social rules required to befriend the girls.

Meanwhile, her sister Joy is falling back into the Light, the cult-like community where the girls grew up. Jesse and Indio find themselves competing for the title of Best Big Brother to Wynter, while struggling to deal with their alcoholic father. And

Oldest brother Caleb has a plan to gain custody. When Wynter discovers the world won't bend to her will, or his, she takes matters into her own hands.