Paige Palermo is the third daughter of Richard and Katrina. She has brown eyes and dark hair. Her older sisters are Alyssa and Jessica, and her younger sister is Daisy.

Jesse and Caleb meet Paige in November 2014 when she's performing a dangerous science demonstration on the front lawn with Daisy (06 Natural Harmonics). Paige is obsessed with scientific inquiry and is an inventor and a YouTuber. She is designing a complicated marble run through the house. She skips school to show Jesse how to use the microfiche in the library. As a parting gift he buys her safety equipment "to protect her precious brains."

When Jesse visits Vermont again, in February 2015 with the family, Paige has designed experiments to perform on Daisy's rabbit Olaf, and wants Jesse on her ethics committee (07 Duet). She makes Indio "Test Subject Number One" for another experiment, which culminates in an interrogation.

With her mother and sisters she visits the Tiger Mountain house for a short vacation in January 2016, where she subjects the chickens to intelligence tests and makes a video about the Viking longhouse igloo Jesse designed, which she dubs an "iglong" (10 The Beat Goes On). She is a fan of Brodie Ingles, although not of his TV show "because everyone makes fun of the science girl.”

Paige appears in 06 Natural Harmonics, 07 Duet, 10 The Beat Goes On.

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