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Patricia Brown was born in Vermont in 1971 and grew up in the large Heathcote family home in Burlington. Her older cousin is Neville. She has four nieces (her sister Katrina's children).

In 1994 after her parents' divorce, she and her father Bill Brown built Patty's Diner on Cougar Mountain, about 20 miles east of Seattle and 7 miles west of Caleb's house on Tiger Mountain. She also owns a vacation cabin on Cougar Mountain that she rents out. She has been running the diner alone since Bill died in 2003.

She first met the Fairn family (Harry and his sons) that same year when they ate at the diner after moving from Montana. Harry tried to pay with an expired coupon, which she accepted. She has always felt an affection for the boys, and even fancied Harry at one time.

She meets Wynter in January 2013 when her brothers bring her to Patty's Diner (01 Little Sister Song). She meets Joy in March, on Wynter's birthday (02 Out of Tune). The family members still frequently eat there and appreciate her warm nature and wise advice.

In early 2014, Wynter lives with Patricia for a few days while Caleb is in the hospital (03 Rhythm and Rhyme). Patricia again hosts some of the family after the house fire in January 2016 (10 The Beat Goes On).

In November 2014, after reconnecting with her sister Ellie, Patricia feels an obligation to hand over her share of the inheritance so she puts the diner up for sale (06 Natural Harmonics).

Her personality type is ESFJ.