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Quinn Lacey is Wynter's best friend. She was born in Quincy, WA in February 1995 and has twin younger sisters, Hannah and Abigail (born late 2003). Her parents separate in 2015.

Quinn works on a casual basis for her aunt's catering company, which caters Jesse's 21st birthday party where she first meets Wynter (08 Minor Key). She is studying communication and media at Seattle University and will graduate in 2016. Quinn is described as friendly, fun, and calm, with a positive energy. She enjoys extreme sports on occasion (such as skydiving). She often helps out the family at gigs, or with babysitting.

In the latter half of 2015 she starts a business with Wynter, the Blue Bunker, hosting musicians who wish to rehearse or record in the basement of the house on Tiger Mountain (09 Broken Strings).

Wynter attempts to set up Quinn with Jesse, but comes to realize Quinn is actually interested in Indio. He helps her with a family confrontation and takes her out for a drink on her 21st birthday (10 The Beat Goes On). Quinn invites Xay to share his 21st birthday party with her, as their birthdays are a week apart.

Quinn appears in 08 Minor Key, 09 Broken Strings, 10 The Beat Goes On.