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Roman Lear is Xay's childhood friend. They were born a week apart, and their mothers met in a mothers-and-babies group. Roman's mother is Florence and his father is Anthony Lear. His parents divorced when he was young. Anthony remarried, and Roman has a baby half-brother named Syd.

Roman grew up in Byron Bay (Australia) where Xay's mother Ember got Florence involved in the Light. Because of his behavioral issues, Roman was sent with Ember and Xay when they moved to the ashram in Arizona. He was only supposed to stay there for three months, but was never sent home.

He was more open to the philosophies of the Light than Xay, asking questions and trying to make use of the good parts. He spent time in the Atlanta GA office of the Light, and Xay later berated him for not running away when he had the chance.

A few months after Xay left the ashram, Roman ran away. Xay and Wynter have been unable to trace him.

His talisman is the gecko. His personality type is INTP.

Roman is mentioned throughout the series, and appears in flashbacks in 10 The Beat Goes On.