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Dr Rosamund Meyers (Rosa) is a clinical psychologist and Wynter's foster mother from January to August 2013. She owns a large house in Richland, WA, where she has fostered teenagers and young children before. She sees clients one day a week, and also lectures at a university. She attends the local Presbyterian church.

Rosa grew up in Florida and is divorced with no children. Although she presents an uptight, conservative nature, she drives a red Audi cabriolet convertible and apparently rode on the back of a motorcycle 30 years ago.

She attempts to befriend Wynter, gives her gifts on her 15th birthday, encourages her social development, and helps organize her birth certificate, but the two don't get along. Rosa feels Jesse influences Wynter unduly and doesn't believe Caleb would be a suitable guardian. She gets a terrible impression of Indio after reviewing his teenage sketchbooks and receiving an inappropriate photo, but develops a strange interest in him after they meet.

In the summer of 2013 she takes Wynter on a trip to Greece.

Her personality type is INTJ.

Rosa appears in 01 Little Sister Song and 02 Out of Tune.