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Roxy is Xay Morant's girlfriend. She has shoulder-length platinum-blonde hair, ice-blue eyes, and slavic cheekbones. She wears quirky clothes and Xay describes her as pixie-like. She comes from Carmel, Indiana, and has a younger brother and a Shepherd-Doberman named Jasmine. She is studying at Sacramento State, living in dorms, and her parents spoil her with care packages.

She and Xay meet on his 20th birthday in February 2015, while at a party, and connect over pictures of Cranberry (07 Duet). She recognizes that Xay has been lonely while caring for his ailing mother Ember. He finds Roxy easy to be with, and she encourages him to track down his father. He loves spoiling her and she loves that he's "rough around the edges."

Roxy meets Wynter when she and Xay fly to Washington for Jesse's 21st birthday party. Jesse describes her as "cute as a bug's ear." She is keen to find out the nature of Wynter and Xay's relationship at the ashram, while remaining friendly toward Wynter.

Xay visits Roxy's family in Indiana during the summer.

Roxy moves into a shared student house in September 2015 and Xay moves in with her.

Roxy appears in 07 Duet, 08 Minor Key, 09 Broken Strings.