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Rule212 is an indie rock band consisting of brothers Indio Fairn on lead vocals and guitar, Caleb on bass, and Jesse on drums; and their half-sister Wynter on guitar and occasional lead vocals. Wynter names the band in April 2014 in reference to Caleb's numbered house rules, with 212 being the "No tattoos" rule. The band rehearses in the converted basement of their Tiger Mountain home, where they also record their music and stream it via Soundfish. Indio and Wynter write most of the band's original songs.

Caleb is the band manager, Indio the stage manager and art director, Jesse the social media director, and Wynter the tour manager. Shelley Lysterfield is the band's booking agent.

The band plays its first (unofficial) gig, with a Country & Western flavor, at Les Buckaroo's birthday party at Patty's Diner, with Jenny Leung a guest performer on fiddle (05 Distortion). They play their first official gig at Only Tony's in Seattle in November 2014 and release their debut album Bloodlines later that month (06 Natural Harmonics). The Rule212 Tour 2015 occurs in Minor Key (book 8) and takes the band through the western part of the US in summer 2015.

The band has decent success on streaming website Soundfish, garnering one million downloads even before their debut album release. Their debut single is Fly. The second single Transgressions hits number one on the indie chart in September 2015, while the album peaks at number 9. Popular artist Belinda Tee covers their song This Moment in June 2015.

Other songs include: When the Sky Falls (used in a GoGoLife commercial), Heard it All Before and Never (unreleased, sold to Calhuun), Rosie (written by Wynter for Joey), Giving In (Caleb on vocals), Helpless, Lay Down the Law, and Our Best Days. They record acoustic versions of Fly and Helpless in the tower.