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Scott is Jesse's friend. He studies film and audio production at Northwest Arts. He is a vegetarian, is not a good dancer, doesn't smoke weed, and likes hockey. He has straight brown hair, brown eyes, thick eyebrows, an oval face, and a long nose with a slight bump. Wynter describes him as calm and self-effacing, with a wide smile, bold features, and dimples. Jesse describes him as talented and reliable and "the living embodiment of a nice guy." His cousin is Hal Brimley, an experienced sound tech around Seattle.

Jesse meets Scott in July 2014 at the Blue Heron Platter (05 Distortion). Scott used to be a fan of his YouTube channel, Drumhead Gamerboy.

Scott agrees to do the sound for the Mail Order Chicks' second gig a month later, where he meets Wynter, who is 16. She invites him to double-date with Jesse and Lucy at Wings Junction. Scott thinks she's too young until they have a discussion about mixing software and microphones. Despite their mutual attraction, Wynter decides to let Jesse have Scott as a friend.

Scott and Jesse click instantly. They go to gigs and hockey games, and play basketball together. He goes with Jesse and Wynter to pick up her chickens in October (06 Natural Harmonics).

In November, Wynter and Scott kiss while he's alone with her in the tower checking out the acoustics. They agree not to pursue a relationship because it could jeopardize his friendship with Jesse.

In January 2015 Scott records Rule212 in the tower playing acoustic versions of two songs (07 Duet). He brings his assistant from college Ivy, and a cameraman.

By June he is dating Teagan, and brings her to Jesse's 21st birthday party (08 Minor Key). He films a music video for Rule212's song Lay Down the Law in the warehouse, the morning after.

Scott goes skydiving with Jesse and Quinn in August, while Teagan watches from the ground. He and Teagan attend Indio's party in September, where he supervises the tree planting. Later that month the couple goes camping to Cape Disappointment with Wynter, Jesse, Xay, and Quinn (09 Broken Strings). In December they go to Jesse's meteor shower party. Scott offers his audio tech services intermittently to Wynter and Quinn's Blue Bunker business, and in January 2016 records a demo for Xay (10 The Beat Goes On).

His personality type is ESFJ.

Scott appears in 05 Distortion, 06 Natural Harmonics, 07 Duet, 08 Minor Key, 09 Broken Strings, 10 The Beat Goes On.