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Sean Delaney is Joy's husband. They married in a "commitment ceremony" in July 2011 (mentioned in 10 The Beat Goes On). His father was a "hardcore Baptist preacher" and Sean believes his mind was twisted by religion and saved by the Light. He was a high school swim champion. He is described as being a few years older than Joy (who was born in 1990), tall and thin with brown eyes, a long reddish-brown beard, and close-cropped hair. He moved to the ashram in 2006 and first met Joy when she was 16.

Xay knew Sean quite well and describes him as quiet, compliant, and confused.

In June 2014 Sean secretly visits Caleb, Jesse, and Wynter at their holiday cabin on the ocean to ask about remains unearthed at the ashram (04 Lost Melodies).

In July 2015 he sneaks away to talk briefly with Caleb about Joy's death, and promises to send him something belonging to Joy (08 Minor Key).

Sean becomes disillusioned with the Light but finds it hard to pull away or to accept Caleb's help, even after he becomes a scapegoat for the cult's financial crimes (09 Broken Strings). In January 2016, while in federal prison, he receives a visit from Abner, guru of the Light, regarding Theo.

His personality type is ISFJ.

Sean is mentioned in earlier books and appears in 04 Lost Melodies, 08 Minor Key, 09 Broken Strings.